In our experience, the majority of family related problems are resolved by agreement and through the encouragement of effective communication between the parties involved.

A relationship breakdown can be an emotional and difficult time for families. We are a dedicated team of caring professionals who pride ourselves on our high standards and efficiency to try to help you through this sensitive time.

  • Separation. Married couples can separate without divorcing. It is worth consulting a solicitor in order to agree arrangements in relation to finances, property and children.
  • Divorce. This effectively ends the marriage, leaving both parties free to remarry.  If children are involved, it is left to the parents to discuss and agree arrangements for the care of their children.   The court will intervene if there is a dispute about any of the arrangements for children.
  • Couples who co-habit but are not married can also benefit from legal advice if their         relationship fails.  Co-habiting couples currently do not have the same rights as those who are married, so it is important to find out where you stand.
  • Children Matters/Parental Rights.  Parents who are married to each other automatically have joint parental rights in relation to their children – namely, the right to make decisions regarding their upbringing. Fathers who are not married to the mother of their children acquire parental rights if they register the birth with the mother.  Parental rights can be acquired through the court by agreement or on application.  Children often suffer when their parents divorce or separate and we can guide and assist couples who disagree about the arrangements for their children.
  • Financial Matters.  Dealing with the division of the finances following a separation and during a divorce can be quite a daunting prospect.  The immediate financial focus will be different from family to family and each individual marriage may have different determining factors which have to be considered. Taking legal advice is advised even if it is to simply ascertain your own financial position during your divorce or separation.  Some financial divisions and negotiations can be dealt with between the parties and others need some extra help.

We can guide you through the progress, either by representing you throughout or helping you as and when.  We can help you focus on what to do straight after separation, during the divorce and how to ensure that any children are supported during their years of dependency.

We can answer questions such as “do we need to sell the family home?” and “what happens to our pensions and savings?”

Please contact Sue Barnes who will be more than happy to meet with you.