Partner and Solicitor Lucy Craig and her team offer a comprehensive service on all aspects relating to the administration of an Estate.

Whether or not there is a Will Dibbens will deal with all matters, including checking and tracing all assets, preparing all of the probate paperwork,  dealing with associated income and capital tax issues (including inheritance tax, payment and planning) and ensuring that the terms of a person’s Will are fully and properly implemented.   Where there is no Will Dibbens are able to advise about those who are properly entitled and ensure that they receive their share of the Estate.

Our objective at Dibbens is to administer an estate in the most sensitive, cost efficient and time efficient manner possible in a way that you know what is happening at all times, you know what is involved and most importantly you know from the outset exactly what costs are involved.

Dibbens work with you collaboratively through the whole process and ensure that what can be a very difficult and stressful time is dealt with professionally and sensitively.

Dibbens also advise on and deal with all aspects relating to Trusts created in Wills and varying the terms of a Will or intestacy.

Please contact Lucy Craig or one of the Probate Team for further information and to obtain an estimate of fees.