Running a business and keeping clients and customers happy and ensuring the business runs smoothly is all encompassing and very time-consuming.   Doing what you might describe as the day job tends to come before considering and dealing with all the supporting and administrative functions which are required.   We would like to suggest that timely reflection on whether all the legal and administrative details are up to date and projects finished with the relevant supporting documentation.

Alterations and Building Works . With regard to your business premises if any new buildings or alterations have been carried out are the planning permissions up-to-date and the conditions satisfied and any building regulation requirements fully met and building regulation completion certificate obtained.

Energy Performance Certificate.  Do you have an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate and reviewed the energy rating having regard to future changes to the energy ratings for buildings whereby the lowest categories of rating will require a building to be upgraded before they can either be let or continue to be occupied in the future.

Electrical Testing.  Have your electrical circuits been checked for safety within the last five years and have any recommendations been implemented.   Have all the electrical items used in the premises been PAT tested.

What test and check systems do you have in place to maintain a safe working environment?

Buildings Insurance Policy.   Have you updated or reviewed the Buildings Insurance Policy and checked the small print for the insurers requirements for regular inspections or security checks.

Capital Allowances

Do you have any plant or equipment on which you need to claim capital allowances.

Asbestos Report

Have you got your asbestos report to hand and have you undertaken any necessary follow up inspections or periodic reviews to ensure continuing compliance with the asbestos regulations.

Fire Safety. Have you carried out any recent inspections to ensure that your fire safety requirements and signage are up-to-date and have your regular inspections and systems check been carried out and recorded.

Health and Safety.

Finally do not forget to ensure that your health and safety inspections have been carried out and that your files are up-to-date.

Have you recently checked to make sure you are complying with the terms of your occupational Lease having regard to repair and maintenance items, statutory requirements and any alterations.

Dibbens Solicitors can help you with some of the above issues but others you may need to refer to your surveyor, insurance broker or accountant.