When did you last review your business documentation?

Do you have written contracts of employment for your staff? By law you must provide all employees with a written statement of the terms of their employment within 2 months of their employment starting. If you do not you could face a fine and potential employment tribunal proceedings

Do you have a written disciplinary and grievance procedure in the event of a problem arising in the workplace? Failure to have a proper and comprehensive disciplinary and grievance procedure could result in protracted and stressful issues in the workplace

Are you aware of the changing rules in relation to the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay? If you fail to pay the National Minimum Wage or the correct rate of holiday pay you could face court proceedings

Do you have clear and properly drafted terms of business? If not you could encounter disputes with your customers or clients.

Do you have difficulties in getting your invoices paid? If you have bad debts you may wish to take advice in relation to the most appropriate method of debt collection.

Dibbens Solicitors can deal with all aspects of business documentation required both by law and in order for your business to run smoothly.

Dibbens can help you with these matters.  Please call Tony Mellowes or Lucy Craig to discuss further or to arrange an appointment