By law, anyone who has been employed for 26 weeks or more by their Employer has a legal right to ask to work flexibly.

This does not only apply to those caring for a child but applies to anyone.   If you are an Employer and get the procedure wrong you can be penalised by an Employment Tribunal.

There are many types of flexible working such as job sharing, flexi-time, annualised hours, staggered hours etc.

It is important that whether you are an Employer or Employee you get the procedure correct in relation to flexible working.

If you are an Employee, then your application must explain why the change is required and when it is to start, set out the proposed new hours/days and how this will affect the employer’s business and how this may be dealt with.

If as an Employer you decide to refuse an application you must set out in writing the grounds for the refusal and inform your Employee of their right to appeal.