Employment can be complicated and many people do not have any idea of their rights and liabilities at work.

For Employers

If you are an Employer Dibbens Solicitors can provide advice in relation to your rights or obligations in the workplace in respect of : –

  • Your Employees
  • Provisions of Contracts of Employment
  • Essential Documentation required within the work place

For Employees

If you have a problem at work then it is important to obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Dibbens Solicitors can provide advice and assistance in relation to the following areas: –

There are specific deadlines for making complaints to the Employment Tribunal if the problem cannot be resolved.

Funding Your Claim

We can advise you on the most appropriate method of funding your claim.

Legal Expenses Insurance.  It may be that you have Legal Expenses Insurance which is often included within Household Insurance Policies but it is imperative that you contact us before contacting your insurers so that you can be sure that your claim is properly presented to them.