Do you have problems with customers not paying for their invoices?

Do you have a CCJ against a customer but are unsure how to enforce it?

At Dibbens Solicitors we understand that you are busy running your business and we are here to help you.

If your business has debtors this can slow you down; it can affect your cash flow and your relations with your bank and it is time consuming to chase.

Maybe you have decided to pursue your Debtor in the Court but a relatively low value claim can still become complicated.  You will need to consider whether your debt collection process is compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules and you will also need to weigh up the costs of going to Court against the benefit you are likely to receive.

It may not be cost effective to instruct a Solicitor to represent you for a claim worth a few hundred pounds, but it is still important that the claim is drafted correctly and you may decide that you would like to instruct us to prepare the claim for you.  If you have a fixed budget in mind in relation to your costs we can in most cases agree a fixed price with you.

Dibbens Solicitors can also assist you in relation to the enforcement of your Court Judgment and advise you in relation to the best way to enforce your Judgment such as sending the Bailiffs, freezing assets, getting money deducted from wages or obtaining a Charge over someone’s land or property.

Please ask us about costs.  We may be able to agree a low-cost, fixed fee approach, or (on a case by case basis) a conditional fee agreement.