Are you having problems with a customer refusing to pay for work you have undertaken claiming that you have breached the contract?

At Dibbens Solicitors we understand that you are busy running your business and we are here to help you.

The best way of avoiding a contract dispute and ensuring you obtain suitable redress if problems do arise is to have first rate Contract documentation setting out your terms and conditions.  This way your customers will understand what is required.  We can provide you with assistance in relation to your terms and conditions and tailor it to your individual business.  A well-drafted Contract can guard against misunderstandings about costs, quantities, timings, payment terms and penalties.

Even with a well drafted Contract sometimes disputes can still arise.  Dibbens can advise you best how to obtain a remedy.  We can ensure that your debt collection process is compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules and can advise you against how to commence Court Proceedings and how to enforce your Judgment once it has been obtained.

Dibbens recommend methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) such as negotiation, arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

However, sometimes Court Proceedings cannot be avoided.  Dibbens can represent you in the proceedings or, if you prefer to represent yourself we can provide you with advice on Court Procedure as your case progresses, and we can assist you with drafting Court documents.

Please ask us about costs.  We may be able to agree a low cost fixed free approach or (on a case by case basis) a Conditional Fee Agreement.