Making a Will

Partner and Solicitor Rachel Fleet offers a comprehensive service on all aspects of Will making.    Rachel Fleet specialises in Wills incorporating estate planning.

When you make a Will, you decide who inherits your assets.  If you don’t, the law decides.

  • If you leave assets over a certain threshold there may be a substantial charge to Inheritance Tax. When you make a Will Dibbens can give you proper legal advice about how to lessen the Inheritance Tax liability, if not avoid it altogether.
  • If you own a business or a company, succession planning is vitally important to deal with ongoing running of the organisation as well as future planning and direction. There are also associated capital income tax issues which need to be carefully addressed to ensure the most cost effective outcome.   Estate Planning and will drafting with all these issues in mind is something which Dibbens can advise you on to achieve your objectives and to secure your future and that of the organisation going forward.

Dibbens cover a wide range of issues relating to Wills including tax planning, to ensure that your estate is passed on your death to the person or persons you want to benefit in the most tax efficient way.

Other than matters of an unusually complicated or involved nature or matters involving anything other than very simple tax planning Dibbens have fixed charges for making Wills.     Please call Rachel Fleet to arrange an appointment.

Dibbens can also advise you about Living Wills


During your lifetime you may wish to make financial provision, for example, for your children or grandchildren, without giving sums of money to them straight away. Alternatively you may wish to do this through your Will. Such gifts can be arranged through the use of Trusts. We provide specialist advice on all types of Trust and can show you how they can be used to significantly reduce your Inheritance Tax liability.

Dibbens also have long standing contacts with trusted investment advisors who can assist with a wide-range of investment related issues.

Tax Planning

Dibbens can offer you a full range of advice on income tax, Capital Gains Tax and inheritance Tax both on planning aspects and dealing with   liabilities and Returns.

Dibbens also offer a service dealing with individual, business and trust Tax   Returns, not only to take this burden away from you but also, where possible, to achieve savings or     repayments. This can make our help and advice extremely cost-effective to you.

Dibbens can provide a service for a pre-agreed fixed fee if all of the   issues are clear from the outset and all of the necessary information is available otherwise Dibbens charge on a time spent basis according to the hourly rate of the fee earner    concerned.  All of this would be covered with you in detail at the outset of the matter and where possible a likely estimate of costs would be given.